A Linguist Abroad: Holidaying with Hungarian

Reading time: 10-15 minutes Here’s something new for the blog: audio! If, for some reason, you’d like to hear my dulcet tones offending multiple European countries with my pronunciation of their words, you can listen to the full article here: This month, I had the good fortune to make a visit to Hungary and toContinue reading “A Linguist Abroad: Holidaying with Hungarian”

Behind the Scenes of Etymology with YouTube’s Jackson Crawford

Just another personal bit of news from me: my appearance as a virtual guest and interviewee of Dr Jackson Crawford is now up on YouTube! Dr Crawford is one of the biggest linguistics YouTubers active at the moment, and it was a real thrill to be invited for one of his Patreon interviews. You canContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Etymology with YouTube’s Jackson Crawford”

(Hopefully) Halfway to Doctorhood

Reading time: 15-20 minutes Passing a milestone on a long journey, be it a metaphorical or a literal one, is always a moment for reflection. Recently, after fifteen months, I crawled over the finish line of a large part of my PhD project, and promptly ran off to the pub. The morning after, I awokeContinue reading “(Hopefully) Halfway to Doctorhood”

Holy Linguists! Part I: Gregory of Nyssa, Jerome and Augustine

Reading time: 10 – 15 minutes Surprising as it may be, I do actually have other interests besides linguistics. Perhaps the intellectual pursuit that holds second place in my affection (and obsession) is the study of religion and everything that that word encompasses – all the faith, the emotion, the theology and philosophy, the art,Continue reading “Holy Linguists! Part I: Gregory of Nyssa, Jerome and Augustine”

A Thank-You Letter to Twitter Linguistics

Reading time: 15 minutes If, like me, you consider yourself a very online person, yet are surrounded in your daily life by offline people, it can be enormously enjoyable and perhaps even cathartic when you get the chance to meet similarly online people and have a good gossip about it all. Recently, as Covid restrictionsContinue reading “A Thank-You Letter to Twitter Linguistics”