Holy Linguists! Part I: Gregory of Nyssa, Jerome and Augustine

Reading time: 10 – 15 minutes Surprising as it may be, I do actually have other interests besides linguistics. Perhaps the intellectual pursuit that holds second place in my affection (and obsession) is the study of religion and everything that that word encompasses – all the faith, the emotion, the theology and philosophy, the art,Continue reading “Holy Linguists! Part I: Gregory of Nyssa, Jerome and Augustine”

A Thank-You Letter to Twitter Linguistics

Reading time: 15 minutes If, like me, you consider yourself a very online person, yet are surrounded in your daily life by offline people, it can be enormously enjoyable and perhaps even cathartic when you get the chance to meet similarly online people and have a good gossip about it all. Recently, as Covid restrictionsContinue reading “A Thank-You Letter to Twitter Linguistics”