Ah, English – what a delightful accident of history you are, providing a lingua franca for the modern world, a linguistic headache for your learners, and gainful employment for me. This page is for articles on both the structure and history of the language, as well as tips I have picked up for how to get the better of it.


23/6/2021 – You Know More Than You Think About: Beowulf
Think Beowulf is nothing but ye olde incomprehensible Ænglishe? Let me show you how much you actually already know.

20/7/2021 – You Know More Than You Think About: The Wanderer
A heart-wrenching poem of loss and loneliness that feels so modern, despite being over a thousand years old. You’ll love it – so why let language stand in your way?

17/3/2022 – Of Mouses and Mans? — The Origins of English’s Vowel-Swapping Nouns and Verbs
English has a rebellious and diehard gang of nouns and verbs that like to change their vowels. How did English come to have this system — or systems?

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