About Danny Bate – you know, the guy who tweets so much.

Born somewhere in rural Norfolk on a stormy* night**, this is the personal blog of Danny Bate, a linguist, language teacher and person uncomfortable writing in the third person.

I feel I have a vocation: to use the scientific insights of linguistics to make languages easier to understand and learn. The aim of this blog is to have a space in which I can share this passion with everyone who’s interested – without the character constraints of Twitter.

If you’d like to see the aforementioned Twitter page, head on over to @dannybate4.

*actually quite pleasant

Reviews for the Blog

“Great” ~ Luke Ranieri

“Alright” ~ my flatmate

Partial Curriculum Vitae

Linguistics BA
2015 – 2018
The University of York
– A bachelor’s degree in general linguistics, later specialising in syntax and Latin, concluding with a third-year research project on the Latin Accusativus cum infinitivo construction.

Linguistics MPhil
2018 – 2019
The University of Cambridge
– A research master’s on the history and development of complementizers and complement clauses in Indo-European, supervised by Prof. Ian Roberts.

Language Teacher
2019 –
Prague, Czech Republic
– Teaching English, German, Latin and a little bit of Biblical Greek.

Linguistics PhD
2020 –
The University of Edinburgh
– A doctoral project on syntactic reconstruction and the functional categories of the oldest Indo-European languages, supervised by Prof. Caroline Heycock, Prof. Ronnie Cann and Dr. Robert Truswell.

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