The Latin language has a reputation for difficulty that is… Well, not entirely undeserved. However, it is easier than you may think, and there is no reason why you too cannot come to learn and love Latin. Hopefully, the articles below will help with that endeavour.


20/06/2020 – Rhotacism, and how it can help your Latin.
Why is time ‘temporal’? Why is the plural of ‘corpus’ ‘corpora’? Find in this short piece on the sound change known as rhotacism.

15/10/2020 – Latin Stems! (Part I)
Latin nouns and adjectives have a reputation for being complicated and hard to learn. How does the concept of stems demystify them?

25/10/2020 – Latin Stems! (Part II)
This article continues the introduction into the idea of stems. This time, we look at verbs and how they are built by stems.

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