Through slim chances of fate that I dare not contemplate, I have ended up needing to know Czech, a Slavic language renowned for its unique complexities. These range from the lexical to the phonological, but, despite the very steep climb to fluency, I have come to adore the language, and want to share my experiences with you through the following articles.


21/07/2020 – Learning Czech – My Top Ten Terrors.
Sitting in the heart of Europe is a linguistic dragon, which I am trying to best. It’s not going very well – and here’s why.

21/11/2021 – Cheat Your Way to Czech: Czech Sounds and I.
Here’s Part 1 in a series about using linguistics to make more sense of the Czech language. First up: how to put the I in Czech.

13/01/2022 – Cheat Your Way to Czech II: Learning (and Loving) the Lexicon.
And now for a second part to my continued ramblings on how linguistics can help those bamboozled by Bohemian. This time, it’s about vocab.

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