Behind the Scenes of Etymology with YouTube’s Jackson Crawford

Just another personal bit of news from me: my appearance as a virtual guest and interviewee of Dr Jackson Crawford is now up on YouTube! Dr Crawford is one of the biggest linguistics YouTubers active at the moment, and it was a real thrill to be invited for one of his Patreon interviews. You can watch our broad-ranging conversation in full here:

Having now watched it myself, and with minimal cringing at my performance, I’d like to share it on my site too. This is my first foray into the world of YouTube content, so it was a bit of good fortune to be introduced to YouTube by someone whose content and dulcet tones I have long enjoyed. Overall, I’m content with how I come across in it; his questions gave me room to share in detail some etymological essentials and some facts I love, and if anything, my enthusiasm for the subject is plain to see.

That’s all for the moment! As for this month’s blog post: probably something on Hungarian?

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