Journeying into gender with Words for Granted!

Hot on the heels on my previous podcast appearance, I joined Ray from the popular and long-running etymology podcast Words for Granted to talk about grammatical gender – what it is, why it exists, where it comes from and how English managed to completely lose it!

You can listen to the episode in full here:

Learning New Languages: Interview with Rob Paterson Words for Granted – An etymology and linguistics podcast

What goes into building a language learning curriculum? How do designers choose features within a language learing app? Are some approaches to language learning better than others, or is it up to the indiviudal? In this episode, I explore these questions and more with Rob Paterson, Content Production Manager at Memrise.  To get 50% off an annual plan with Memrise, go to:
  1. Learning New Languages: Interview with Rob Paterson
  2. Combatting Bias in Linguistic AI: Interview with Courtney Napoles
  3. Origins of Place Names: Interview with Duncan Madden
  4. Grammatical Gender: Interview with Danny Bate
  5. Episode 109: Trivia

The recording experience was a real pleasure; Ray is a natural host, and asked good questions that gave me the chance to explore some big ideas and even sound half knowledgeable while doing so. Gender is a massive topic and a syntactic phenomenon that I’m personally fascinated by. I’m keen also to share some of it positives and to potray it in a good light, since this might go some way to counteracting a little of the mental pain that it causes learners.

I hope you give the episode a listen and support the show. Any questions, do let me know!

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