Journeying into gender with Words for Granted!

Hot on the heels on my previous podcast appearance, I joined Ray from the popular and long-running etymology podcast Words for Granted to talk about grammatical gender – what it is, why it exists, where it comes from and how English managed to completely lose it!

You can listen to the episode in full here:

Grammatical Gender: Interview with Danny Bate Words for Granted – An etymology and linguistics podcast

In this interview with linguist Danny Bate, we go deep on all things gender––grammatical gender, that is. Why do some languages have gender while others don't? Where does gender come from? What is the function of gender?  To get 50% off your first month of Lingoda courses, follow this link: 
  1. Grammatical Gender: Interview with Danny Bate
  2. Episode 109: Trivia
  3. African American English: Interview w/ Tracey Weldon
  4. Episode 108: Understand
  5. Episode 107: World

The recording experience was a real pleasure; Ray is a natural host, and asked good questions that gave me the chance to explore some big ideas and even sound half knowledgeable while doing so. Gender is a massive topic and a syntactic phenomenon that I’m personally fascinated by. I’m keen also to share some of it positives and to potray it in a good light, since this might go some way to counteracting a little of the mental pain that it causes learners.

I hope you give the episode a listen and support the show. Any questions, do let me know!

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