Talking etymology with the Lexis linguists!

Just a quick newsflash from me:

Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of talking to Dan, Lisa and Jill, three of the team behind Lexis, a podcast about language and linguistics that’s primarily aimed at A-Level teachers and students, although its great content is accessible to all.

We talked about etymology – what it is, how it works and how people can get into it. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat together, but admittedly I was quite nervous about how I would come across in the finished product. Well, clearly the Lexis team have skill not only as podcast hosts but also as audio editors, because I’m delighted with the episode and I sound like I have half an idea what I’m talking about!

It’s now available online to listen to for free. So, if you’d like to consume some of my linguistic content in audio form, and to get to know me and my process of doing etymology, you can listen to the episode (number 31) here:

Episode 34 – Arran Stibbe and ecolinguistics Lexis

Show notes for Episode 34 Here are the show notes for Episode 34, in which Dan and Jill talk to Arran Stibbe, professor of Ecological Linguistics, and teacher on the BA English course at the University of Gloucestershire ( about: Ecolinguistics – what it is and why we need it The power of storytelling and the environment Critical language awareness and its role in fighting back against climate catastrophe Challenging ecologically damaging narratives, ‘greenwashing’, economic ‘growth’ metaphors and more… Arran’s university page: Arran Stibbe – Staff Profiles Taylor & Francis author interview: The book: Ecolinguistics: Language, Ecology and the Stories We Live By – 2nd Edi The Stories We Live By site: Stories We Live By And in our regular Lang in the News segment, Lisa, Jacky and Dan talk about how language is used to represent the environment, how it is used in discussions and political campaigns around green issues and how some metaphors for the economy might not be the best ones to use… Just Stop Oil: research shows how activists and politicians talk differently about climate change Economists question 'black hole' in UK finances – BBC News Economists urge BBC to rethink 'inappropriate' reporting of UK economy | IPPR Contact us @LexisPodcast.  Subscribe: Lexis Podcast | Podcast on Spotify Contributors Matthew Butler Twitter: Lisa Casey blog: & Twitter: Language Debates (@LanguageDebates) Dan Clayton blog: EngLangBlog & Twitter: EngLangBlog (@EngLangBlog) Jacky Glancey Twitter: Jill Lavender Twitter: Music: Serge Quadrado – Cool Guys Cool Guys by Serge Quadrado is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. From the Free Music Archive:
  1. Episode 34 – Arran Stibbe and ecolinguistics
  2. Episode 33 – Katy Brown and discourse analysis
  3. Episode 32 – Kate Barber and the language of misogyny in online communities
  4. Episode 31 – Danny Bate and the joys of etymology
  5. Episode 30 – Jessica Norledge and the Language of Dystopia

That’s all for now!

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