Talking etymology with the Lexis linguists!

Just a quick newsflash from me:

Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of talking to Dan, Lisa and Jill, three of the team behind Lexis, a podcast about language and linguistics that’s primarily aimed at A-Level teachers and students, although its great content is accessible to all.

We talked about etymology – what it is, how it works and how people can get into it. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat together, but admittedly I was quite nervous about how I would come across in the finished product. Well, clearly the Lexis team have skill not only as podcast hosts but also as audio editors, because I’m delighted with the episode and I sound like I have half an idea what I’m talking about!

It’s now available online to listen to for free. So, if you’d like to consume some of my linguistic content in audio form, and to get to know me and my process of doing etymology, you can listen to the episode (number 31) here:

Episode 36 – Claire Hardaker and forensic linguistics Lexis

Here are the show notes for Episode 36, in which Dan and Lisa talk to Dr Claire Hardaker about: Forensic linguistics What language can reveal about us The benefits and problems of technology in forensic linguistics The role of the forensic linguist in an unequal society The future of forensic linguistics Claire’s Lancaster University page: Claire’s en clair podcast: Claire on Twitter: Claire on Mastodon: And in our regular Lang in the News segment, Lisa and Dan talk about Words of the Year- which ones have been chosen so far, how they have been selected, why they work (or don’t?) and what they might tell us about 2022. Collins: ‘Sums up 2022’: Permacrisis chosen as Collins word of the year | Culture | The Guardian A year of ‘permacrisis’ – Collins Dictionary Language Blog Oxford Dictionaries: ‘Goblin mode’: new Oxford word of the year speaks to the times | Language | The Guardian Slobbing out and giving up: why are so many people going ‘goblin mode’? | Life and style | The Guardian Cambridge Dictionary: Merriam Webster: Word of the Year 2022 | Gaslighting | Merriam-Webster Macquarie: Teal named Macquarie Dictionary’s word of the year – ‘an emblem of Australia’s political landscape’ Dictionary dot com:’s 2022 Word Of The Year Is… announces word of the year: ‘woman’ | US news | The Guardian Dan’s Independent article about WOTY2022: 2022’s Words of the Year and what they tell us | The Independent » Words of the Year American Dialect Society
  1. Episode 36 – Claire Hardaker and forensic linguistics
  2. Episode 35 – an opinion articles special with Harriet Williamson
  3. Episode 34 – Arran Stibbe and ecolinguistics
  4. Episode 33 – Katy Brown and discourse analysis
  5. Episode 32 – Kate Barber and the language of misogyny in online communities

That’s all for now!

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