Latin’s Nasal Infix: A How-to Guide

How are painting and picture related English words? Why does Latin vincō ‘I win’ become vīcī in the past tense? How did the same Latin verb give English both convince and conviction? This blog post is about the wonderful world of the nasal infix, a linguistic phenomenon that comes in very handy for people learningContinue reading “Latin’s Nasal Infix: A How-to Guide”

The Wonderful World of the Verb Second Rule, Part I: German

So, we all love German grammar, right? Infinitives, auxiliaries and participles, putting verbs at the end of the sentence, inversion of the subject and the verb – these are the concepts you have to get to grips with if you want to learn the language. To most outsiders, German grammar seems very new and strange.Continue reading “The Wonderful World of the Verb Second Rule, Part I: German”